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I was born in the Northern Cape and grew up in the in a small town Ulco, which was established after the discovering of lime and the mining activities.  Union Lime Company who explored this fund was later joined by Anglo Alpha Cement who indicated the production of cement.  The name of the town was a direct acronym of Union Lime Company – ULCO.

Typical the mining community a lot of sporting activities developed spontaneously and one of these events was a shooting club who competed annually against the main office personal from Lichtenburg.  Hunting had a high priority as there were plenty of kudu and other smaller game in the area.  A couple of men who, not only loved hunting but were shooting handguns as well, developed a revolver and pistol shooting range.  As a young teenager my grandfather taught me how to shoot and I were hooked onto hunting and shooting.  I bought my first own firearm - a Llama 357 Magnum 4” barrel at the age of eighteen and joined the Ulco Handgun Shooting Club.

When I finished school in 1978, two years of NDP were compulsory and I served my two years in the Infantry Corps.  I really enjoyed shooting and that gave me an opportunity to improve my shooting skills with various firearms.

To cut a long story short, I always were a hunter that believed in ethical hunting – using whatever I hunted.  In 2013 I joined Cape Hunting Association and in 2018 was elected to serve as secretary on the EXCO of Cape Hunt.  In 2020 I was elected to Chair Cape Hunt.  After joining Cape Hunt, I did a course to become a dedicated hunter and a dedicated sport shooter as well.  I also did my Range Officers course in 2016 at Kettner Training.  Very soon I realised that I would like to become a training provider in firearm proficiency.  I started doing my Instructors Course in February 2020 at False Bay Firearm Training Academy.  With the interruption of lockdown in March 2020 we were only able to finish our first grading shoot in July 2020.  Since then, I got all the wheels rolling to setup an own company in firearm training – and Swartland Firearm Training Academy was a dream come true for me.  My final love for shooting was ignited when I realised that some competitors who were still shooting competitive at an age of eighty years while most participants in other sporting activities had to stop due to their aging.

One of the most valuable safety lessons that keeps me focused on all times is the fact “that once a bullet has been fired, you cannot stop or retrieve it, the speeding bullet will eventually strike something or until it comes to rest” – therefore always point a firearm in a safe direction.

I assure each student a 100% of my attention and earnest dedication in all courses when I act as an Instructor and Assessor.Hope to see you soon!

Connection to
cape hunt

André  joined the Cape Hunting and Game Conservation Association (KAAPJAG) in 2013.   where he  was elected to serve as secretary on the EXCO in 2018. In 2020, he was elected to chair Cape Hunt. As part of his membership, André  completed his  Dedicated Hunter and a Dedicated Sport Shooting courses. He has always believed in ethical hunting and using whatever he hunted.

Given his background and experience, André decided to become a training provider in firearm proficiency. He subsequently completed his Instructors Course in July 2020 at False Bay Firearm Training Academy. He also did his Range Officers Course in 2016 at Kettner Training.

The launch of SFTA

André followed his dream and established the Swartland Firearm Training Academy. His love for shooting was further ignited upon realising  that some competitors were still shooting competitively at the age of eighty, while most participants in other sporting activities had to stop due to aging.

Valuable safety lessons keep André focussed at all times:

"Once a bullet has been fired, you cannot stop or retrieve it; the speeding bullet will be speeding forward until it eventually strikes something or comes to rest."

The lesson is to always point firearms in a safe direction.

We assure each student receives 100% attention and earnest dedication in all courses where André acts as Instructor and Assessor.