Swartland Firearms

Training Academy

Based in Durbanville, SFTA  offers exam level and practical firearms proficiency training for private use and businesses.

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Our courses

Swartland Firearms Training Academy (SFTA) is an accredited service provider registered with PFTC and SAPS.  The acting Instructor, André Duvenhage, is qualified and registered through the ITA (International Training Academy).

SFTA uses  the ITA Training Material and offers complete proficiency training to meet competency certificate requirements.

The courses we provide:

This course is meant for the novice person or anyone who would like to own a firearm and need a competency certificate before buying a gun.

Basic Private Use
(all U/S 119-series)

This course is meant for those who already have a competency certificate for private use of a firearm but would like to get the qualification needed to engage in the security industry.

Business Purpose
(all U/S 123-series)

This course is for people who would like to be qualified as a Range Officer.

Range Officers Training
(U/S  123516)


Valuable safety lessons keep André focussed at all times:

"Once a bullet has been fired, you cannot stop or retrieve it; the speeding bullet will be speeding forward until it eventually strikes something or comes to rest."

We assure each student receives 100% attention and earnest dedication in all courses where André acts as Instructor and Assessor.

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