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Swartland Firearms Training Academy (SFTA) is an accredited service provider registered with PFTC and SAPS.The acting Instructor is a qualified and registered ITA (International Training Academy) member.

The training material used at SFTA are the ITA Training Material.SFTA offers complete training for Proficiency to meet Competency certificate requirements for both Basic Private Use (all U/S 119-series) and Business Purpose (all U/S 123-series).

SFTA also offer Range Officers Training (U/S 123516).Study material for Basic Private Use is available in Afrikaans and English.

The courses we provide:

This course is meant for the novice person or anyone who would like to own a firearm and need a competency certificate before buying a gun.

Basic Private Use
(all U/S 119-series)

This course is meant for those who already have a competency certificate for private use of a firearm but would like to get the qualification needed to engage in the security industry.

Business Purpose
(all U/S 123-series)

This course is for people who would like to be qualified as a Range Officer.

Range Officers Training
(U/S  123516)


SFTA operates from the KAAPJAG Head Office in the Graanendal Centre and partners with the Kraaifontein Sport Shooting Club (KSSC) for the practical shooting and  qualification shoot for the different courses.

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ENrollment process

Contact SFTA
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Either by sending an email, calling or head on over to our bookings page to make booking.
An explanation as to what you require will be given as well as a quote for the cost of the books and courses.

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● Arrange collection of the study material and the Pre-Assessment meeting where all details will be discussed.
● Go home, work through the study material and complete the formative examination (open book test).
●  When you’re done with this, we arrange for your formal class-room lecture and the marking of the formative exam.
●  During this session we will ensure that you have clarity on all questions and answer of the formative exam as the summative exam (closed book test) will be based on a selection of the same questions.
● When done with this and you’ve had enough time to prepare for the Summative Exam, we set a time and date for the written examination.

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Once your exams are written, you can set a time and date for your practical shooting and qualification.

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When finished with all of this, and successful completed the qualification and were found competent, you will be issued with a PFTC statement of results (SOR) and Certificate.

Further info

With these two documents and a completed SAPS 517 + 2 x ID photo’s you can apply for your competency certificate / card at your local SAPS DFO (Designated Firearm Officer).

The process enrolling for Business Purpose (U/S 123-series) is meant to be for people in the security industry.While the training processes are alike, there are different ascents, especially with the practical and qualification shoots.You can only enrol for Business Purpose once you’ve completed the Basic Private Use course.

SFTA operates from Kaapjag Office in Graanendal Centre and uses KSSC shooting ranges for the practical shooting as well as the qualification shoot for the different courses

For any further enquiries on the above mentioned, please get in contact.

Contact information:

Contact No: André 083 226 1050